Bimber v9.2.1 WordPress Theme Free Download [2023]

Bimber v9.2.1 Theme Latest Version Free Download – Bimber has a great deal of elements that are fundamental for a viral specialty site. Bimber is the smash hit and one of the famous WordPress topics intended for viral specialty sites. You can make and send off a completely highlight stacked viral site in a question of a couple of hours utilizing this topic. Bimber likewise has extraordinary backings for a dim mode which is really great for your site client’s eyes. Clients can empower or incapacitate dim mode with delightfully planned eye-getting switchers accessible at the header region. It likewise has an element to transfer a custom logo just for dull mode. Free Download Bimber v9.2.1 WordPress Subject.

Download Bimber v9.2.1 WordPress Theme. The developers of this theme claim that it is a highly optimized theme for page loading speed. Like every other viral niche theme, It also has the support of AMP to rank higher in Google search results. Bimber theme is 100% compatible with Gutenberg editor and some other popular page builders. You can use any page builder or WordPress default editor to design beautiful pages for your site. This theme has 19+ ready-to-use professionally designed demos. Bimber v9.2.1 is one of the most popular WordPress themes. Download Bimber v9.2.1 From GPLFREETHEE.COM Website.

Bimber v8.5.1 WordPress Theme Free Download [2020]
Bimber v9.2.1 WordPress Theme Free Download [2022]

Bimber v9.2.1 WordPress Theme Free Download. You can import all demos with default content, widgets, and plugins with just one click. It also has 9+ premade demos for magazine-type websites. The most amazing feature of the Bimber theme is its AdBlocker Detector which detects visitors who are using an adblocker and asks them to disable it. It also gives an option to completely block the content for those visitors who are using an adblocker. Overall, Bimber is a perfectly designed and well-coded theme for viral or magazine sites.

How to Create a VIRAL BLOG with Using Bimber Theme?

How to create an amazingly beautiful and professional viral blog and magazine website. This website that we’re gonna create in this article is full of amazing features and add-ons and beautiful designs to make your blog go viral. Now before we proceed further let me show you a very quick demo of the exact same website. That we’ll be creating in this article now I always prefer to show this demo website right. In the beginning, because I want you guys to first understand the website that we’ll be creating in this article. How is the design of the website what all different features are available on this website? And you can understand everything about this website and you can make the decision right.

Bimber v8.6.1 WordPress Theme Free Download
Bimber v9.2.1 WordPress Theme Free Download [2022]

The start where they need to Peruse the total Article or not so this is a similar site. That we’ll make in this article now this site is brimming with astounding elements let me show you a couple of them. For instance, there is a single tick dull mode in the event that you click on this symbol now as may be obvious. This site will presently change over into an assault mode site and as you can see the title additionally the logo is changed in the event that I again return to the light mode. You will see the logo is again different to something different now allowed me to show you a few additional elements. About this site so as you can see this is your landing page this is an astonishing landing page and as you can see this is only one single plan there are in excess of 12 plans.

This so in the event that you could do without this plan for the landing page you can pick some other plan it’s. That simple now on the landing page as you can see at the top we have our header so we should begin from the header. So in the proofreader in the event that you see first we have this top segment, we have the principal area wherein you have your logo and at the right-hand side. We have these symbols then from that point onward, we have this red variety stripe. This is our third segment so in this site that we will make there is an inbuilt header and footer developer so on the off chance that you could do without this plan. On the off chance that you could do without this design you can make your own custom format of your header and furthermore of your photograph.

Bimber v9.2.1 WordPress Theme Free Download [2022]

Now in the top bar on the left-hand side, we have some Quick Links on the right-hand side. We have our social media icons in the main header section. We have our logo on the left-hand side as you write inside we have some more icons like if you want to see the latest posts you click on this if you want to see the popular post or popular articles. On this website, you just click on this popular icon now as you can see you will see all the popular art. If you want to see what is trending now you can click on this and you can see what is trending now. So this is an amazing design so let’s come back to our home page now as you can see after this header. We have this option which oh so we are displaying few articles. So here you can control this article for example if you want to display featured article recent article most popular article.

You can display it over here then after that, this is the place where you will display it. You add whether it’s a banner ad whether it’s a custom ad or whether it’s Google Adsense you can display. That and again there is another amazing feature on this website. That there is an inbuilt ad manager so you don’t have to copy-paste your code your Google Adsense code everywhere on your website, there is an ad manager that will really help you to manage your ads wherever you want to show it it will automatically display it. So you’ll understand about that later on in this article all right so let’s move on so after that as you can see this is our main gallery section, here you can feature some posts. and after that when you scroll down again in between as you can see these are articles. but in between these articles we also have displayed these different ads and this different newsletter thing okay.

Bimber v9.2.1 WordPress Theme Free Download [2022]

So as you can see and on the right-hand side, this is our sidebar so you can display anything in this sidebar when you scroll down, now as you can see I have made this thing sticky so on the right-hand side. You can see this ad I have made this ad sticky so whether you scroll up or down this ad will be present to you this is just to improve your earning. So if you have if the ad is displayed oh you there are very high chances of this ad getting clicked. And this will improve your revenue and this will increase you earning and obviously. When you scroll down to the bottom this is your footer as I said to you earlier there is an inbuilt footer builder. As well on this website now there are a few more options for example. There is a pop-up builder over here on this website so if you want to display pop-ups on your website.

You can do that we have a slide-up thing as you can see whenever you open any article and if you want to get more newsletter things. If you want to get more email addresses to do free email marketing you can you know display. These slide ups as well okay so this was your homepage. Now let’s let me do one thing let me open a single block page let’s see how a single post or a single article design looks like so let’s open this one alright. As you can see this is how your single design will look like at the top. We have the same header then after that we have this same stripe over here then we have the ad now from here. The main article starts so this is the category first of all if you see this funny. This is the category then you have your title and after that, you can also display custom emojis or at top of your title if you want then this is your subtitle. And after that, this is the author four days ago this post was published.

Bimber v8.6.1 WordPress Theme Free Download
Bimber v9.2.1 WordPress Theme Free Download [2022]

Till now 2,900 people have viewed this post and we have four comments obviously. There is one more feature in this website as you can see here it says 359 shares. So you can fake this as well so whether you receive more shares or not you can display. For example 2,000 shares 3000 views so if you want to fake that just to you know give an image given image. That this website is very popular this post is very popular. You can do that as well then when you scroll down this is your featured image now let me tell you one thing guys this article or this design that you’re seeing right now this is again just one simple design. This is just one of the designs available on the website there are more than 10 different post article designs.

So I’ll show you about that so this is one style wherein at the left-hand side you have your main content on the right-hand side. You have your sidebar I’ll show you some more designs first let’s see this post. So this is the featured image after that you just have your content so you can display different images. You can display ads in between your content you can display gif gives whatever however you call it then you can also embed self-hosted responsive video or you can also embed video or YouTube videos. Then when you scroll down as you can see YouTube video embedded Instagram video is or Instagram articles or post is also embedded with your Twitter embedding is also possible. So is simply paste in your code and this will automatically embed that thing in a very beautiful way. As you can see over here then when you scroll down you’ll see again we have another ad so you don’t have to kind of go ahead and do everything manually.

Bimber v8.6.1 WordPress Theme Free Download
Bimber v9.2.1 WordPress Theme Free Download [2022]

Everything over here is done automatically, then when you scroll down again we have the share option we have the newsletter thing. You have the next article previous article and if you want to point you if you don’t want to enable this point system people can just give it upward or they can download. In this article then they can also share their reactions so as you can see again this thing also can be faked so. if you want to give some custom number to this you can do that as well so people if they want to give some reaction. They can click on this then you have the article then after that you have the author so you can see this is how the author thing looks like. And when you scroll down you have some more posts, ok and this is another ad that you can display right here. So as you can see this is such an amazing post article or post design.

Features of Bimber v9.2.1 – Viral Magazine WordPress Theme:

  • Six theme exclusive plugins โ€“ AdAce, G1 Socials, MediaAce, Photomatix, Snax, and Whatโ€™s your reaction.
  • Share button at every possible location
  • Related posts from the same category to increase users time
  • Optimized for page speed
  • 100% responsive
  • Well Coded
  • AMP for WP support
  • Homepage filters
  • Multiple ad slots with a sticky option
  • Sticky social sharing bar
  • No 3rd party plugins needed
  • Ready to use predesigned demos
  • NSFW content support
  • Retina and GDPR ready
  • Ajax search bar
  • Fake counters to increase social shares
  • Popular, Hot, and Trending list
  • Light and Dark skin mode with switcher
  • Frontend uploader
  • Megamenu support
  • Reaction and bandages
  • Slide-in ads

Demo Page Bimber v9.2.1 – WordPress Theme by bringthepixel:

Whatโ€™s New in Bimber v9.2.1 Changelog:

  • Improved โ€“ Snax plugin: option to hide the info โ€œBrowse and Manage your votes.โ€
  • Fixed โ€“ Snax plugin: Permalinks structure not applied for BP custom components.
  • Improved โ€“ Whatโ€™s Your Reaction plugin: supported post types option added.
  • Fixed โ€“ Snax plugin: Redirects infinite loop on BP private pages.
  • Improved โ€“ Easy Social Share Buttons plugin latest version.
  • Improved โ€“ Featured Entries support for quizzes and polls.
  • Fixed โ€“ Snax plugin: History collection broken pagination.
  • Improved โ€“ AdAce plugin: Date archives support for ad slots.
  • Fixed โ€“ G1 Socials plugin: broken links to Documentation.
  • Fixed โ€“ MediaElement library loaded condition check.
  • And some other minor improvements and enhancements.
  • Fixed โ€“ GIF player on mobile canโ€™t be paused.

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