Breek v3.7.0 – Minimal Masonry WordPress Theme Free Download

Free Download Breek v3.7.0 – Minimal Masonry WordPress Theme: Breek – Minimal Masonry Theme for WordPress is a super modern blog focused on high speed and vivid colors, the theme fits perfectly on any type of blog especially personal, resourceful, free, or biographical blogs. Breek – Minimal Masonry Theme for WordPress is super light, this fast theme was built with multiple technologies in mind to get an excellent score on Google, we also keep code quality and SEO in mind. It is easy to use and customize. Includes 11 custom widgets and a powerful theme options panel to make administration easy. Breek has AMP and RTL support and is multilingual, including English. Turkish, Portuguese, Spanish, and French.

Breek v3.7.0 – Minimal Masonry Theme for WordPress Free Download

Breek v3.7.0 WordPress theme is a super modern blog focused on high speed and vivid colors, the theme perfectly fits any kind of blog especially personal, resource, free or biographical blog. Breek Theme is super light, this fast theme was created with multiple technologies to get an excellent score on Google, also we keep code quality and SEO in mind. Breek v3.7.0 is one of the most popular WordPress themes in ThemeForest. This theme’s modular look and feel make it a perfect solution for viewing your blog posts on mobile devices, laptops, desktops,s or tablets. If you sell products and offer blogging for each product you sell, this WordPress theme can include Woo-Commerce so you can post your articles and add purchase links right into each posted article. Syndicate your blog posts across the internet and social media for maximum results.

Download Free Breek v3.7.0 – Minimal Masonry Themes for Wordpess

This WordPress theme blogging style website is full of color sure to catch the mind’s eye and entice the viewer to read your Download Free Breek v3.7.0 – Minimal Masonry Themes for blog posts again and again. If you are a creative blogger and desire a WordPress theme full of robust color, this is for you. I would suggest this Breek Blogging WordPress Theme can be adapted for anyone wanting to show color, creative style, and crystal clear viewing. My thoughts tell me that this WordPress theme is perfect for photographers, artists wanting to show their art online as well as creative souls wanting something purely different than the static normal look. If you own an art gallery or do blog posts about celestial planets, new technology, photography, stylish food, specialty products, hairstyles, or anything creative, this is the one for you. The use of the newest WordPress development framework called “Gutenberg for WordPress.

Breek v3.7.0 – Minimal Masonry Blogging WordPress Theme Review.

The blogging platform allows with WordPress to allow you to have a really nice style. If you’re creative if you’re an artist if you’re someone. Who is a photographer may be an interior designer or you offer practice services? They are unique and different maybe they’re technology-based products or maybe you’re into celestial planets. And things of that nature anything that looks really very uniquely different. This theme is really a perfect thing for you so that’s going DNN to let you check it out. To grow the site have so people could seek an idea of different themes and get some client-side insight on what they could do. What the costs are and how it could benefit them. So let’s go and get into it let’s do it so I’m gonna go in and we’re in now. So this is the general overall of these different styles within this Breek style theme for WordPress. And we’re going to go ahead and move down a little bit show a couple of styles you’ve got this one here tiles. And this one here looks more of a Bloggie style as well but the open frame. This one here you can see it’s got the widget area on the right side.

Breek v3.6.6 - Minimal Masonry WordPress Theme Free Download
Breek v3.7.0 – Minimal Masonry WordPress Theme Free Download

Which is this side over here if you look at it and then right down here the classic grid. Then you have the four-column if you want more columns between each block. That’s a four-column block and then you have a three-column blog for like with advertising and advertising areas. So maybe you want to prop producer products or services or promote products you want to have – a blog article about it. When you want to have a link that takes up to will Congress as a purchase to purchase it or we can set it up within the same WordPress website have. You do the articles have a link to a page where you do you offer the product for sale. And do it that way so let’s get into a couple of these we’re going to go ahead and move over to the first one.

And that’s this one right here if you look at it it’s a very nice look and visualization. What you could do is this would be a picture these type of look where it’s a graphics it would be put in. Here let’s go and open one of these up it could be an image it could be here to be a photographer site. It just has a lot of different ways of which it could be used so you can put some pictures in here some photography anything you want and make it look good. Make it your stop and then related articles you’ve got your cloud tags those are when people search within a site that can search the keyword phrase. And we’ll pull up based on that particular keyword take a keyword that the article that you have in here. And then write down categories people whenever categories you want.

Download Breek v3.7.0 – Minimal Masonry Theme for WordPress Free

That you’re blogging it could be product categories it could be served all depend on what you’re trying to accomplish and then right down here. We have the low tiles here you can either leave this in or take it out they just kind of put this in for a look at fill and in the new kit. We could also be including here a link or a button for each one of these where you could have people redirected to purchase the item at the same website. The second part would be the product of a stylish site. So you could do a blog post it output onto social media things like that have an aggregate out. And then have the link where it could go ahead and give the ability to purchase it. We can also put social media Instagram Linkedin you know YouTube.

How To Install Breek v3.7.0 – Minimal Masonry WordPress Theme via WordPress?

  1. Navigate to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Themes.
  2. Click the Add New button on top of the page, then the Upload Theme button.
  3. If you’ve downloaded the installable WordPress file, then you do not need to unzip the file. you will see the file, this is the one you select to install.
  4. Click ‘Choose File and select the file.
  5. Once the file has uploaded, click Activate

Demo/Preview of Breek v3.7.0 – Minimal Masonry WordPress Theme:

Features of the Breek v3.7.0 – Minimal Masonry WordPress Theme:

  • Dedicated advertising section (below the header, before and after post content, custom advertising to place anywhere).
  • Translation ready (English, Turkish, French, Portuguese, and Spanish included).
  • Built with SCSS and pre-compiled with Prepos 6 (Windows and Mac compatible).
  • Lazy Load for embed (iframes like Youtube/Vimeo/Soundcloud).
  • Lazy Load for Lists (home pages, archives, categories, etc).
  • Highly optimized and lightweight (just 1.5MB size).
  • Advertising section between grid posts.
  • No Sidebar Style for Post and Pages
  • RTL included (Feedback appreciated).
  • Video Support (Vimeo, Youtube, etc).
  • Works on Android, Ipad, and iPhone.
  • Super Light and Modern design.
  • Minified and Optimized code.
  • Disqus and Facebook support.
  • Lazy Load for post content.
  • ACF Pro bundled (save $29).
  • Custom Tag Cloud Widget.
  • New: Category cluster.
  • Supports menu with icons.
  • Sticky sidebar for Posts.
  • Advertising sections.
  • Constantly updated.
  • Documentation included.
  • Open Graph Support.
  • HTML5 & CSS3 ready
  • Retina Display Ready.
  • Custom Tag page
  • Custom Galleries.
  • Custom Author page
  • Font Awesome icons.
  • Custom 404 Page
  • About me Widget.
  • Fully responsive.
  • Navigation Menu.
  • Clean Design.
  • Well Coded.

What’s New in Breek v3.7.0 – Minimal Masonry WordPress Theme [Changelog]

  • Improved: Mobile menu, now is allowed to click on a parent menu element (by default always menu elements with submenu items can’t be clicked in the past).
  • Improved: EP legacy widgets preview is always disabled (this apply for WP 5.8 and greater).
  • Added: Compatibility for other image extensions for the theme Lightbox (Gallery).
  • Fixed: Rounded Corners not applied properly for images in WP 5.8 – 5.9.
  • Fixed: Order by days not working on post thumbs widget.
  • Fixed: PHP warning from post thumbs widget.
  • Fixed: Incorrect color for CF7 success message.
  • Fixed: Incorrect alignment for social profiles on RTL websites.
  • Fixed: Incorrect URL for Social Widget (theme options link).
  • Fixed: CLS logo warning.
  • Fixed: Incorrect alignment for Galleries (back-end editor).
  • Fixed: Incorrect alignment for Block Quote (back-end editor).
  • Fixed: Lightbox for Images not grouping properly in WP 5.8 – 5.9.
  • Improved: Canonical URL for custom homepage.
  • Improved: Tested Theme compatibility up to WP 5.9
  • Added: Tiktok and Patreon social profiles on header.

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