Elementor VS Block Editor [Gutenberg] Vs Divi: Quick Comparison [2020]

Quick Comparison of Elementor & Block Editor [Gutenberg] Vs Divi [2020]

Hi there, my name is Raju and in this post, I’ll answer some questions you may have about the Block Editor (aka Gutenberg) vs Elementor vs Divi builder. How do the tools compare and which one is right for you? Full comparison coming up, so keep watching. While the new Gutenberg block editor does bring more visual design and drag-and-drop editing, it’s not exactly a replacement for page builder plugins quite yet. This means many users can still benefit from using an additional tool.

1. Gutenberg Block Editor

In general, the Gutenberg block editor is a good substitute for basic content and layouts, but you’ll be happier with a page builder like Elementor or Divi Builder if you want to pinpoint style and spacing control over your designs. Actually, there is a very good tool named Otter Blocks which you can use to design your pages and posts more easily when using the block editor, and if you use the Template Library, for example, you can create awesome landing pages using these predefined section blocks. Cool, right? The free version enables you to design your pages and posts using a drag-and-drop system.

For example, if using the Neve WordPress theme and its original demo content which you can import with one click in the Neve Options panel, you can easily customize. This is a visual drag-and-drop page builder which you can use for any WordPress theme. Here, you also get access to a large library of elements, along with plenty of customization options, and the ability to create nearly any layout you’d like. Now, let’s compare the features each tool comes with. Here’s what you can do in the Gutenberg block editor: You can create pages, posts, and custom content types using a drag-and-drop editor.

Use 25+ blocks to create content, including essentials such as text and images, as well as some more advanced options like tables and buttons. If you want to have blocks with more options install the Otter Blocks plugin and use the advanced heading block, the button group block, font awesome icons, pricing block, sharing icons, and much more. Check out the recommended video above or in the description box below to see how you can use these blocks to create awesome content on your WordPress website. Furthermore, with the Block Editor, you can customize a few options for each block, as well as some document-wide settings.

When using the Neve WordPress theme, you get more options to change the settings, and you can get rid of the sidebar for example. This could be helpful if you want to create a new landing page from scratch with nothing but the content to display. Rearrange blocks at will, and add or delete as many as you’d like. You can also create a very basic multi-column layout. More complex layouts with the Otter Blocks plugin. Overall, the block editor provides a functional drag-and-drop system.

2. Elementor

With Elementor, for example, you get access to about 30 different ‘elements’ – this plugin’s name for blocks. The option to create more complex layouts, with multiple columns and much more control over spacing, like margins and padding. More style options for each widget and section and more advanced features such as maps, image carousels, and accordion tabs. The ability to design your headers, footers, and other parts of your sites is available only within the premium version.

What about Divi? Divi is one of the best page builders. Choose from advanced features such as portfolios, testimonials, maps, forms, counters, and much more. Create complex layouts, with multiple columns and even a mix of full-width and multi-column rows. Add custom margins and padding to control spacing.

Save your designs to be easily reused later and use lots of style controls to change how modules look. As you can see, some of the areas where both Elementor and Divi excel in comparison to the Gutenberg block editor is when it comes to things like columns, spacing, and style controls. If you’re already using Divi or Elementor to work on your site, we wouldn’t recommend switching over to using Gutenberg instead.

3. Divi

Not only is this likely to play havoc with your existing layouts, but in its current version, the new block editor is just too simple to be a solid replacement for most users. On the other hand, if you’ve never used a page builder before, the Block Editor is a great way to get started. It’s simple and easy to use and will help you determine whether you like using a drag-and-drop system to create content.

If you like the way Gutenberg works but find yourself wanting more flexibility, you can try out the Otter Blocks plugin and the Neve WordPress theme which gives you more tools and possibilities. See how they work together in the recommended video or check the link in the description box below. Finally, Elementor is ideal if you want an intuitive and user-friendly interface, while Divi is your best bet if you want the utmost in options and design possibilities.

Also, remember that you don’t necessarily need to pick one or the other. You can use the Gutenberg block editor for day-to-day designs and then switch to Elementor or Divi when you need a little more power. Or, you can even insert Elementor templates into your Gutenberg designs thanks to Elementor’s free official block plugin.

What do you think about the new Block Editor of WordPress? Comparing it with Elementor and Divi you can now see clearly what is the difference between the block editor and page builders. If you have questions or you want to tell me something about these content creation alternatives, please leave a comment below and I’ll answer it as soon as possible.

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