Top 10 PCB Manufacturers [2024]

The e-commerce industry in India welcomes the Indian government’s decision to increase the basic customs duty on various electronic goods and components. With the rise in import duty, local manufacturers now have the opportunity to produce electronic products globally at competitive prices.

What is the PCB Fabrication Process?

Now, let’s discuss the PCB fabrication process. It is important to understand the connections and steps involved in turning your schematic or idea into a tangible product before diving straight into production. Before delving into PCB fabrication, it would be beneficial to define a few other terms and understand their interrelationships.

  • PCB Development: PCB development can be defined as the process of taking a circuit board design from the design to the production. This typically includes three stages: design, manufacturing, and testing. And for all but the simplest designs, this process is iterative with the objective of arriving at the highest quality design within the development time allotted.
  • PCB Manufacturing: PCB manufacturing is the construction of your board design. This is a two-step process that begins with board fabrication and ends with printed circuit board assembly (PCBA).
  • PCB Testing: PCB testing, sometimes referred to as bring up, is the third stage of PCB development; performed after manufacturing. Testing during development is done to evaluate the board’s ability to perform its intended operational functionality. During this stage, any errors or areas where the design should be modified to improve performance are identified and another cycle is initiated to incorporate the design changes.
  • PCB Assembly: PCB assembly or PCBA is the second step or stage of PCB manufacturing in which the board components are mounted to the bare board through a soldering process.

The PCB industry suggests the government that impose the same basic custom duty of electronic items to PCB.


APCT is a leading manufacturer specializing in high-reliability printed circuit boards (PCBs). With a total of four manufacturing facilities, including our headquarters in Santa Clara, CA, situated in the heart of the Silicon Valley, two in Southern California, and one in Wallingford, Connecticut, we have established a strong presence. Currently, our company occupies 180,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space and employs over 500 dedicated professionals. Our driving force and motivation lie in our commitment to meeting every customer’s technological requirements and lead time, enabling us to consistently deliver exceptional results.

Ascent Circuits Pvt. Ltd.

The company specializes in manufacturing single-sided and double/multi-layered PCBs. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with advanced reverse pulse plating technology, allowing us to produce over 7 million square meters of high-quality PCBs. As a leading PCB exporter, we proudly supply over 50% of our PCBs to the USA, solidifying our position in the global market.

Circuit Systems India Ltd.

The company is not providing only PCB but also provides complete solutions to clients. This company deals with a complete supply chain of PCB. The company receives more than 100 orders in a day.

AT&S India Pvt. Ltd.

The parent company AT&S AG is one of the leading PCB manufacturers in the world. The company produces high-volume PCBs for the automobile industry. The Indian plant has the most advanced machines and assembly lines for manufacturing. Along with India, the company has plants in five countries.

Shogini Technoarts Pvt. Ltd.

As the name suggests the company sets the benchmark of PCB manufacturing in India. The company started production in 1997 and today it produces every kind of PCBs including single, double, multi-layer, etc.

Anand Electronics

This company produces PCBs for more than three decades. The company has overseas partners to ensure the best quality PCBs. It is produced PCBs with up to 24 layers and provides a solution to various clients.

Meena Circuits Pvt. Ltd.

Meena circuits have tie-up with Amitron corporation which is US-based. With this collaboration, the company has the advantage of advanced technology for manufacturing PCBs. This is the youngest company on the list and secures the place in top PCB manufacturers in India.

India Circuit

Established in 2014 as a startup, this company has swiftly emerged as the fastest-growing PCB manufacturer in India. Today, we specialize in manufacturing single-sided, double-sided, and metal core PCBs to cater to the diverse needs of our customers. Our commitment to excellence allows us to offer competitive prices without compromising on quality.

The PCBs are the main component of many products like smartphones, television, etc.

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