The 4 Most Important Pages Every Website Should Have [2020]

Now that you’ve set up your website, I want to show you the four most important pages that you need to have on your website in order to attract the visitors that you want. Your website is a great place to introduce your company or your business and to showcase and put your best foot forward for them. So let’s take a look at the four most important pages and why you want them on your site.

1. Home page

So your first thing is you’ll want to have a Home page and this is a really great way to showcase what your business is about. Next, you’ll want to give them an About page. A lot of times people want to know what business, what type of company are they looking at getting in business with. Then show them your Contact information and You’ll want to have a great contact us page to showcase your information. And then finally, have a blog.

This is a collection of blog posts or topics that are relevant to your business. Having a blog on your site really helps elevate your expertise to the potential visitor or customer. So with the home page, the main thing you want to do is you want to showcase what your business does. Don’t leave them guessing on what it is that you do. You’ll also want to really pinpoint who is it that you serve. This will help you and they save more time if they’re not the right fit for you.

On the home page, you can also show them how you can help. How will your business or will your website help them do what they need to do? And finally, have a clear call to action. What is it that they need to do next now that they’ve seen your page. And to show you what I’m talking about let’s take a look at OptinMonster.

This is one of our sister companies. This is their home page and your showing exactly what the company does, who it’ll help, what it will do, and here is a clear call to action for them. If they need more information then they can scroll down and see all of the other customers that have been helped from this, exactly what can be done with an OptinMonster option, all the features and benefits that the user will get, a little bit of the story and the story can also tie into the about us page and I’ll show you that in a minute. So that’s a great example of a home page.

2. About page

The next page we want to look at is an About page. Once someone goes to their home page then they usually go over to the about page because they’re curious about what is the company that they’re about to get involved with? Who are you, what is your company history, how you’re different from the competition, or how are you going to be able to help the visitor on their journey of what they’re needing? This is great about page from our other sister company called MonsterInsights and this just tells a bit of the story of what we’re doing, why it’s important, why we’ve set it up, who’s behind it, and the values that the company has and then there’s a great call to action at the bottom.

3. Contact Page

The next important page is you want to have a contact page. This will give all the information that they need to get in touch with you and some of the information can be different depending on if you’re a local business or if you’re a national business. You’ll definitely want a contact form. Some people will add their phone numbers and email. Other people will use a contact form to keep spam at bay. This is a great place to put your social media profile, a physical address, again that’s more if it’s a local or if it’s needed.

The same thing with a phone number, if you deal with potential customers or clients through a phone number, make sure you have that here and then also I don’t have it on here but also consider putting a map on here so it makes it easier for them to find you if they need to drive to your location.

Showing you a real quick contact page. You have our contact page which goes through a couple of like almost frequently asked questions in case there’s something that can be answered before sending it and then you have a great contact form and it can be as easy and simple as that.

4. Blog post

Finally, you want to have a blog page and this is simply the collection of all the blog posts that you write for your business. The blog posts will be industry-specific so that you can showcase your expertise in the business. Blog posts can also be really great for the different levels of the funnel if you have people at the top of the funnel, middle of the funnel, or the bottom of the funnel you could really create topics for each of those levels and then also have a call to action on each of those blog posts to let the user know what to do next.

Going over to WPForms, this is their blog section and this is all of the industry-relevant information and topics that they write about and you can see when you click on any of these it is showing a clear call to action inviting them to subscribe to your newsletter as well and it’s really showcasing the topics that they know about in the industry. So take a little bit of time to set up your four important pages on your website so that you can start attracting the right visitors for your website today and then our next article of this series, I’ll walk you through the different ways that you can generate more leads for your website.

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