Top 12 WordPress Alternatives That Are Useful in 2024

Are you looking for the best WordPress alternatives for 2024?

Did you know that WordPress is used by 42.9% of all websites, accounting for 64.1% of the content management system market?

Although there are plenty of free blogging platforms available, WordPress is undoubtedly the king of all content management systems (CMS).

But here’s the thing: WordPress isn’t the single best way to create a blog or website. Yes, WordPress is the #1 blogging platform but there are other viable platforms that offer extremely useful features.

So if you are looking for the best WordPress competitive websites, we have some final recommendations for you. Let’s get into the details to know more about them.

12 Of The Best WordPress Alternatives to Use In 2024

Best wordpress alternatives in 2023


Blogger is undoubtedly one of the most powerful WordPress competitor. is a widely popular blogging platform which was initially developed by Pyra Labs, which was later bought by Google in 2003.

It doesn’t matter what your website needs are but you can use Blogger blogging platform to create anything ranging from online magazine to shopping to blogging to portfolio sites.

blogger blogging platform

Why should you use Blogger as an alternative to WordPress?

There is always a big debate when it comes to choosing the best platform between Blogger vs WordPress. Some people say that Blogger is better and others will say that WordPress is an incredible alternative. But let’s not go into those details and just focus on the benefits of using Blogger.

Blogger platform is an easy to use, lightweight platform that loads fast and is extremely reliable, but if you are still wondering why you should choose Blogger over other WordPress alternatives, here is the #1 reason : Affordability.

Extremely Inexpensive: Millions of people use Blogger on WordPress or any other blogging platform, it’s free. You can set up a free blog on Blogger in just a few minutes for zero dollars. All you need is an email account to sign up on their platform and you are ready to roll.

Not only this, it also gives you the option to purchase your own domain name (example: instead of so that you can maintain a professional looking website or business online .

However most people avoid the blogger platform for a reason: it doesn’t give you 100% complete control but it is still a great option for entry level bloggers.

Quick Note: If you are wondering how to start a blog or website using Blogger platform, here is an easy tutorial on creating a free blog using Blogger that will be really useful for you. Features list:

Here’s the list of features that you get from Blogger platform.

  • You’ll get access to thousands of gorgeous templates you can use to design your blog which are mostly available for free
  • You’ll get a free domain while setting up your blog or you will also have the option to buy a custom domain later with just a few clicks
  • Built-in analytics so you can easily find out where your traffic is coming from (along with demographics, best performing content, bounce rates etc)
  • Gives you enough website storage completely for free (to save images, videos, files etc within your blog)
  • Software updates are done automatically
  • You can include 3rd party scripts

Pros of

  • Completely free to use
  • Hosting is included so you don’t have to spend a dime on getting it separately unlike WordPress
  • Most Blogger blogs as they say are AdSense friendly. It means getting accepted your Google AdSense account to earn money from your website clicks will be much easier using Blogger platform
  • You only require one email account. You can use the same Gmail account to create multiple blogs for free

Cons of

  • Customizations are limited when compared to WordPress (and you really don’t get 100% control over your sites)
  • Not as much powerful blogging platform as WordPress (where you can find tons of plugins, tools and themes to create a powerful website)
  • Only allowed upto 10 pages

How to get started with Blogger blogging platform?

You can create a blog on Blogger for completely free. Here’s the link where you can create a free account using your Gmail account.

2. is a cloud-based website builder that allows you to create websites using drag and drop interface to customize however you like. Wix is considered as one of simplest website like WordPress most people use to create free websites within minutes.

wix blogging platform

Why should you use Wix as WordPress altenrative?

if you don’t want to deal with any kind of programing, coding scripts like CSS, PHP etc, WiX is an excellent option which gives you extremely intuitive site building tools.

Here’s a strong reason why one should pick Wix free website builder over other alternatives to WordPress.

Create a beautiful blog with drag and drop builder: Wix offers you amazing drag and drop builder unlike WordPress which offers you fully customizable templates, intuitive drag and drop interface to easily create a business website no matter what industry you are in.

Apart from that you will also have access to domains, secure hosting, easy invoicing, online bookings and so on to build a powerful business website to collect leads and turn them into customers.

Wix Features list:

Here’s the list of features that you get from this platform.

  • Drag and drop editor which uses powerful HTML5 technology
  • Reliable hosting 100% free
  • Access to hundreds of great looking templates that you can use to build any type of website
  • Access to Wix apps where you can find thousands of both free and premium apps to design a powerful website
  • It is an SEO friendly blogging platform
  • Gives you the ability to create your own custom domain name at extra cost
  • Access to Weebly analytics where you can easily track your website’s performance and stats

Wix Pros:

  • No coding needed whatsoever. Just click on edit anything and you can customize your website looks however you like
  • Mobile optimized templates so they will fit into any device be it smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • You can add animation, video backgrounds and scroll effects while creating pages
  • Access to a wide media gallery pack where you can find and use tons of images, videos etc
  • Offers you Wix chat where you can create a live chat section to connect with your audience or customers

Wix Cons:

  • You can’t switch templates
  • It includes ads (within free plan)

How to get started with Wix blogging platform?

Wix basically offers you a free version where you’ll get access to easy to use drag and drop editor, unlimited pages, 500 MB storage, secure hosting and a mobile site. Click here to start using Wix for free to create an amazing website for your business needs.

You’ll also have an option to choose various plans from their premium feature where you’ll get access to more incredible features with better storage and premium customer support.


Weebly is another incredible drag and drop website builder which is used by over 40,000,000 people worldwide. You can create anything from an online store to portfolio sites or SEO friendly websites to increase your website’s traffic and sales with ease.

weebly blogging platform

Why Weebly is one of the best WordPress competitor in 2024?

There’s a reason why over 40 million people use Weebly. The primary reason is Weebly comes out of the box with curated website templates, powerful ecommerce apps and integrated marketing tools (which include SEO and lead generation tools) to launch your websites.

Weebly Features list:

Here’s the list of features that you get from this platform.

  • Gives you access to drag and drop builder to easily create stunning websites
  • 500 mb storage so you don’t have to purchase any other web hosting (starter plan) where you can upload images, videos and other files etc
  • SSL certification for free
  • The ability to connect your own custom domain
  • Website stats, password protection, membership registration with advanced plan from Weebly
  • Gives you access to all the eCommerce tools if you want to set up an online store to sell products easily
  • Access to app center where you can find hundreds of apps which are helpful from SEO to leads to eCommerce store setup
  • Access to a wide range of beautifully designed templates you can use to setup blogs, websites, eCommerce stores, portfolio websites etc

Weebly Pros:

  • Weebly provides hosting even with the free plan
  • SEO friendly and gives you access to a wide range of SEO and lead capturing tools to get more traffic and leads from search engines like Google
  • Community forum support
  • Access to phone and chat support just in case if you need any assistance from Weebly customer support team

Weebly Cons:

  • Weebly ads will be displayed in free version
  • Limited storage space and you can’t see traffic stats in free version

How to get started with Weebly blogging platform?

Use this link to sign up for Weebly and start your website or eCommerce store today.


Pixpa is an all-in-one, easy to use website builder designed to empower photographers, creators and businesses to create beautiful, professional websites effortlessly, without touching a single line of code.

Pixpa blogging platform

Why is Pixpa one of the best WordPress competitors in 2024?

Pixpa offers robust portfolio building and management tools, a feature-rich website builder platform, with integrated e-commerce, client galleries, and blogs. Its main selling points are the extremely affordable pricing plans and proactive customer service, setting it apart from other website builders on the market.

Here’s the list of features that you get from this all-in-one website builder platform.

Pixpa Feature Highlights:

  • Beginner-friendly, no-code website builder platform with an easy-to-use visual editor and drag-and-drop page builder. It also allows for using custom CSS and HTML code for more advanced users.
  • Wide range of modern, minimalist, mobile-friendly, and responsive templates.
  • Extensive help website with step-by-step help articles and tutorial videos covering every step of the website-building process.
  • Full-featured e-commerce to sell products, services, images, and digital downloads in minutes. Starting and managing your online store with product and inventory management features, abandoned cart recovery, shipping rate and tax management, discount management, and more is easy.
  • Simplified client proofing workflow specially designed for photographers.
  • Comprehensive blogging platform with a WYSIWYG editor that lets you create, edit, and publish blog posts, all from one single platform.
  • Compatible with over 50+ third-party integrations.

  • Extensive and integrated SEO and marketing features.

Pixpa provides 24×7 customer support for all its users through live chat. Their customer service is rated 4.9/5 on Capterra and has an average response time of under 3 minutes.

Pixpa Pros:

  • Easy to use, affordable and versatile no-code platform that is suitable for both beginners and experts.
  • Wide range of options for templates and design flexibility.
  • Extremely affordable pricing plans make Pixpa accessible for everyone.
  • Free one-time website set-up service with Expert and Business tier plans.
  • Zero commissions charged on sales made through your website.
  • Free SSL security on all websites.
  • Prompt and responsive, 24×7 customer support through email and live chat
  • 24×7 customer support through email and live chat.

Pixpa Cons:

  • No free plans. Pixpa only offers paid plans.

  • Custom domain names must be purchased from a third party.

Pixpa Pricing:

  • Light – $3 per month (billed annually)

  • Personal – $7 per month (billed annually)

  • Expert – $10 per month (billed annually)

  • Business – $16 per month (billed annually)

How to get started with Pixpa’s blogging platform?

Use this link to sign up for a full-featured 15-day trial and start building your portfolio website and store today.


Just like WordPress, Drupal is also a powerful content management system (CMS) which is an open source project that helps you build powerful websites for any kind of audience. From healthcare to eCommerce to media and publishing, you can use Drupal CMS to create great websites.

Drupal blogging platform

What makes Drupal a better alternative to WordPress?

The #1 reason to consider using Drupal over other WordPress competitor sites is that it provides exceptional security. In fact, Drupal CMS is considered as one of the most scrutinized and secure platforms on the world wide web.

Hacking a website which is hosted on Drupal platform is almost an impossible task because it considers each element of a website as an object and has security algorithms working for every element. So if you’re concerned about your website’s security, go for Drupal.

Not only that, Drupal seamlessly integrates with all the popular and essential tools like;

  • Shopify
  • Yoast
  • Salesforce
  • MailChimp
  • Google analytics and so on

Drupal Features list:

Here’s the list of features that you get from Drupal CMS platform.

  • Drupal is free to use. Drupal is distributed under the GNU General Public License so you can use it completely for free, without spending even a dollar.
  • Drupal gives you access to more than 30,000 free add-ons that are community contributed that you can use to create an incredible website, portfolio site, business, NGO site and so on
  • It has probably the BIGGEST community forum where you can find thousands of people and developers helping you to how to use Drupal more effectively
  • Access to a wide range of themes are available to use from their official website under “Theme Project” section

Drupal Pros:

  • Offers multilingual functionality to translate your content into hundreds of various languages around the world.
  • Uses a unique technology called “Drupal Big Pipe” which helps you load your websites blazing fast
  • SEO settings and management is really easy using Drupal. From canonical tags to navigation to URL mapping or meta tags SEO, you can manage everything easily even if you don’t have any technical skills.
  • Drupal is considered as one of the world’s leading open-source CMS used by millions of people worldwide to create websites
  • Security wise, Drupal stays way ahead of other competitor sites listed here so you can easily avoid a lot of website vulnerabilities and hackings. Also it has so many security related extensions to help you better safeguard your websites
  • You can use all kinds of web hosting choices including 1 & 1, Acquia Cloud and so on to host your Drupal site

Drupal Cons:

  • The major con about using Drupal is that you need to possess technical knowledge on how to customize or build a website. If you’re not a developer or don’t have much technical skills, you should better stay away from using Drupal
  • Drupal’s user interface is bit sophisticated which is mainly suitable for developers who are familiar with programming and technical related stuff

How to get started with Drupal blogging platform?

Click here to download and try Drupal platform for free to create highly secured and advanced websites.


Joomla is the 2nd biggest content management system in the world after WordPress which is used by 2 million websites worldwide. It is also considered as one of the top WordPress competitor websites which includes add-on extensions, a ton of user-friendly templates and so on.

Just like WordPress, Joomla also has the large community support where you can ask other Joomla users for any kind of support. Joomla also runs on almost all of the hosting platforms such as HostGator, InMotion, GoDaddy and so on.

Joomla blogging platform

Why Joomla is one of the powerful WordPress competitor?

Here are some of the fascinating stats about Joomla.

  • Nearly 2 million active websites are using Joomla
  • Over 9% of all known business websites are using Joomla
  • Over 6% of the CMS market worldwide is using Joomla
  • Over 3% of the entire web is using Joomla platform

If you’re still wondering about why you need a platform like Joomla, here’s the #1 reason to pick it over other alternative to WordPress.

Joomla is SEO friendly out of the box: Joomla is search engine friendly right out of the box and offers features like creating an alias.

Let us explain it more clearly. Whenever you create an article or a menu item, Joomla automatically creates an alias for its default PHP string so that the links to particular pages are optimized well both for your website audiences and search engines like Google.

Joomla Features list:

Here’s the list of features that you get from this platform.

  • Joomla is equipped with plenty of built-in features for better caching for faster website loading times, advanced content permission and many more.
  • It also offers a HUGE extensions directory where you can find everything from SEO to eCommerce to social management
  • Joomla offers you wide range of options to easily manage your website’s banner and other type of advertisements
  • Joomla gives you a ton of gorgeous looking templates which you can use to create great design for your website
  • Joomla offers multilingual feature out of the box which means it supports a wide range of languages so you don’t have to worry about translating your website to other languages if you’re targeting worldwide audience
  • Joomla comes with a fantastic widget system which is easy to use
  • Joomla gives you access to integrated help system that is contextual
  • Joomla has advanced access level management and user permission system which is better than that of WordPress

Joomla Pros:

  • Joomla is a great choice if you want to build static websites, NGO websites, eCommerce stores etc
  • Joomla offers you thousands of templates which are pre-made so you don’t have to spend money or time to build a website really quickly
  • Elegant interface is what makes easy for anyone to use Joomla
  • A ton of free video training courses are available on Joomla official website to learn how you can use Joomla platform more effectively
  • Joomla! has thousands of free extensions which can be helpful for almost any industry you are in
  • It is a “Free forever open source software”
  • Joomla is not just another CMS but it also an incredible PHP framework which allows you to write web and command line applications in PHP so you can learn how to build a powerful website
  • Offers you “Access Control List” which allows you to manage the users of your website along with different groups.
  • Offers you an exclusive feature called Menu Management where you can create as many menus and menu items as you need. Also offers Cache Management which helps you speed up your website with better caching.

Joomla Cons:

  • Joomla extensions directory is not on par with WordPress directory and not as much user friendly when compared to WordPress
  • You don’t find any official theme or design library from Joomla (so you’ll have to depend on 3rd party apps or customizations)

How to get started with Joomla blogging platform?

If you want to get started with Joomla, click on this link and Joomla for free. You can use Joomla community forum or their video tutorials (which are available for free) to find out how you can setup a website using Joomla!

7. is an open source publishing platform which is focused solely on professional publishing and writing. It is also one of the widely used blogging platforms with over 1.3 million websites using it.

ghost blogging platform

Why should you use Ghost?

WordPress used to be a great platform for publishers and writers but it is definitely going in a different direction by extending its features. So if you’re someone who’s looking for an ultimate platform for writing, blogging and publishing – Ghost should be your first choice.

Ghost Features list:

Here’s the list of features that you get from Ghost:

  • MIT licensed self managed servers (free plan) which is available for free on Github
  • Standard plan gives you 250k views/month, 10 staff users with fully automated hosting environment
  • Free SSL certificate
  • CDN included (with paid plans)
  • Server maintenance & backups
  • Automatic weekly updates Pros:

  • Comes equipped with SEO where you need not to worry about SEO technical stuff like semantic markup, permalinks, XML sitemaps, canonical tags and so on
  • Gives access to an editor for writer to easily manage and format your content
  • Comes equipped with integrated AMP support
  • Access to custom domains and great hosting Cons:

  • It’s an expensive blogging platform
  • Mostly useful for publishers and writers

How to get started with Ghost blogging platform?

Click here to try Ghost and use it as a publishing platform to engage with your target audience online.


Squarespace is the an ultimate solution if you’re searching for better blogging platform to create a beautiful website. Squarespace is used by millions of people worldwide and its known for its customization controls along with a variety of incredible templates to choose from.

squarespace blogging platform

What makes Squarespace a better WordPress alternative?

There are literally hundreds of incredible features offered by Squarespace ranging from images to audio to managing your blog content blocks.

The primary reason most people prefer Squarespace even though it’s bit expensive is it takes care of most of the SEO and technical side of building websites. Squarespace automatically generates and links a proper sitemap.xml, robots.txt file, automatic tagging, clean URLs, automatic redirects and so on out of the box.

So if you want a blogging platform where you can peacefully focus on content creation and still get better search rankings, Squarespace should be your choice.

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Squarespace Features list:

Here’s the list of features that you get from this platform.

  • There are a wide range of all-in-one templates you can use to create any kind of website ranging from eCommerce to NGO to portfolio websites
  • Gives you access to “Style Editor” which you can use to modify fonts, colors and page configurations etc
  • All of the templates are mobile optimized and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) enabled to accelerated your search traffic from mobile
  • Easily integrates with all the top services like Adobe Creative Suite, Google Drive, Getty Images etc
  • Unlike few other alternatives mentioned here, Squarespace gives you an option to install multiple templates onto a single website (which is known as template switching)
  • Out of the box SEO features such as automatic tagging, clean URLs, automatic redirects and so on
  • 24/7 customer support access
  • Free SSL included with each plan

Squarespace Pros:

  • Access to Domains so you can have your own professional domain
  • Access to a wide range of eCommerce apps and tools
  • You’ll get hosting with all plans galleries, analytics, and 24/7
  • You’ll get free access to Typekit fonts and you can use Typekit fonts within your site without paying additional fees
  • All images on Squarespace are hosted with a global content delivery network (CDN) to improve your website loading times

Squarespace Cons:

  • Bit expensive when compared to other WordPress alternates mentioned here
  • There’s a transaction fee involved for business and eCommerce sites

How to get started with Squarespace blogging platform?

If you’re looking to start your website on Squarespace, click on this link to get started and pick a plan that meets your budget and website needs.


Millions of people love Medium platform for one specific reason: Medium as a beautiful, minimalistic user interface which is indeed a perfect blend of functionality and simplicity. If you’re looking for a publishing platform where it offers great visibility to your content, Medium should be your top pick.

medium blogging platform

Why should you use Medium over other alternatives?

The #1 difference between Medium and other platforms like WordPress or any other such sites is its network. There are millions of users who are actively using Medium to consume and create content online. That’s what gives you an edge to get wider coverage for your content even if you’re just getting started.

Medium community offers you a wide range of topics to choose from. It’s completely free to use. Although you can spend $5 a month to get additional features and benefits.

Medium Features list:

Here’s the list of features that you get from this platform.

  • Medium is a fully loaded publishing platform so you don’t have to worry about the security, SEO or loading time issues and so on
  • Gives you access to analytics so you can easily keep an eye on how many visitors are reading your articles on Medium
  • Gives you access to bookmarks and publications
  • The ability to customize your interest to consume or create content on Medium
  • You can become a premium member by paying just $5 a month and you can listen to audio versions of popular stories

Medium Pros:

  • Purely focused on publishing and writing. Gives you access to complete freedom of writing. Just sign up with your email account for free and you can start writing
  • Access to easy content management where you can easily embed images, links, add subheadings, bullet points so on with ease
  • Completely free to use
  • You don’t have to pay anything for hosting or maintaining your blog on Medium
  • It’s a powerful platform for publishers, writers and content creators

Medium Cons:

  • You don’t have full control over your site or content as Medium owns it unlike WordPress
  • You can’t customize a URL or build your own professional website using it. Medium is just another publishing platform where you can create content to grow your audience online

How to get started with Medium blogging platform?

Click here to get started with Medium for free and start publishing great content to reach wider audience to build and grow your online community.


Tumblr is used by over 400 million blogs worldwide which comes with easy to use tools to get you started with your website where you can share literally anything you want from stories to images to gifs to TV shows.

tumblr blogging platform

Why should you use Tumblr?

Tumblr has so many ready made templates and gives you access to a wide range of useful and integration options to help you literally post anything on Tumblr ranging from;

  • Text, photos, chat
  • Quotes and links
  • Audios and videos
  • And what not?

Tumblr Features list:

Here’s the list of features that you get from Tumblr platform.

  • You can share photos,stories,songs etc
  • You can follow other people’s Tumblr blogs
  • Tumblr allows you to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog
  • Allows you to repurpose content. That means, you can reblog others content and others can reblog your stuff and vice versa
  • Widely popular with over 427 million blogs using Tumblr as their blogging platform
  • Free to use
  • Easily allows you to find topic specific blogs to follow

Tumblr Pros:

  • If you’re going to start a hobby blog, you should probably start with Tumblr
  • You can find a lot of people’s blog there who share the same interests as you
  • Tumblr is literally a social network which primarily focus on sharing stories and posting content
  • Great suitable if you want to reach younger audience worldwide as most teens use Tumblr
  • Extremely easy to customize

Tumblr Cons:

  • Not really business oriented blogging platform. If you’re really serious about building a profitable website or business online, Tumblr can be of no use for you!
  • Not much SEO friendly and doesn’t have any powerful tools to build an effective website or business online

How to get started with Tumblr blogging platform?

Click here to sign up for Tumblr and enter your email to start your Tumblr blog for free.

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Shopify is not your regular blogging platform or content management system like WordPress. In fact, Shopify is an all in one eCommerce solution that helps you easily set up an online store to sell your products online.


Why should you use Shopify other blogging platforms?

If you’re looking to start a website for eCommerce, Shopify should be your #1 choice as it gives you excellent features and reports.

Shopify offers amazing eCommerce platform features like “Abandoned cart recovery” where you can easily recover any of your missed sales from your eCommerce store by automatically emailing a prefilled cart link (where you can send a customized message) to all the customers who don’t complete their purchase.

Shopify Features list:

Here’s the list of features that you get from this platform.

  • Easy to use live theme editor where you can customize your website design however you want
  • Offers a wide range of customizable templates
  • Gives you access to organized storefront
  • It also offers a “Buy Button” functionality which you can use Shopify as a Point of Sale (POS) option to collect money so your customers can purchase your products anywhere online
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Unlimited website storage even with the basic plan
  • Abandoned cart recovery to increase your website conversions and shopping cart abandonment
  • Free SSL certificate with every plan

Shopify Pros:

  • Shopify gives you access to Reporting feature which now includes all of your eCommerce store stats such as abandoned carts.
  • Offers exceptional built-in speed checkouts for faster and better user experience
  • It has an app store where you can look for free or paid apps related to enhancing your SEO, website speed, customizations and so on
  • Completely hosted on Shopify servers so you don’t need to worry about unwanted technical details like servers, hosting, bandwidth etc
  • You can literally start your online store within minutes using Shopify blogging platform which is SEO friendly too.

Shopify Cons:

  • It’s bit expensive. Shopify basic plan starts from $29 a month whereas the average plan is for $79 a month and advanced Shopify pricing plan costs you $299 a month.
  • There’s no 1 page checkout which can affect your eCommerce store conversion rates
  • There’s no real time shipping or discounts in Shopify starter plans. Limited to 100 product variations and so on

How to get started with Shopify blogging platform?

Click here to start your eCommerce store on Shopify and start selling your online products from today.


Magento is undertaken by Adobe company and it’s an incredible cloud commerce platform which is an open source platform that allows you to build all types of eCommerce websites at affordable prices.

magento blogging platform

Why should you use Magento platform over other sites?

Magento is primarily used by thousands of people worldwide for ONE reason: it’s the most eCommerce friendly platform which gives you a wide range of options, tools and features to create a profitable eCommerce store online.

Magento offers you mobile friendly designs so you can easily create a mobile responsive eCommerce site without any hassles. Not only that, it probably has the biggest community of users related to eCommerce industry to help you build an effective online store.

Above all, Magento gives you a ton of extensions, themes and partners to help you choose products ranging from payments to shipping to website optimization.

Magento Features list:

Here’s the list of features that you get from this platform.

  • Offers all the tools and extensions you need to create an eCommerce store online
  • Wide range of community users to help you build an eCommerce store
  • It’s a mobile friendly eCommerce platform
  • Offers a wide range of features to create multiple stores
  • It supports multiple locations, multiple languages, multiple pricing and multiple currencies so you can easily run a profitable eCommerce store

Magento Pros:

  • Out of the box, Magento includes a ton of amazing features and apps for free
  • Highly customizable to create your eCommerce websites
  • Offers exceptional security features
  • Considered as one of the #1 eCommerce platforms

Magento Cons:

  • Less frequent software updates and if you are looking to build any website other than eCommerce related, you don’t really have a wide range of products or options as Magento’s tools may not be suffice.
  • Not as much robust and widely popular platform as WordPress

How to get started with this blogging platform?

Visit Magento from here and choose a product of your choice to sign up and start using Magento eCommerce platform to create powerful websites.

3 BIGGEST disadvantages of WordPres

As we discussed earlier, WordPress is the widely used blogging platform which is used by around 60% of the people worldwide who are using content management systems to create a blog or websites.

But WordPress has its own flaws. Here are some of the drawbacks of using WordPress and that’s why you should look for other WordPress competitor websites mentioned in this post.

1. Security vulnerabilities

WordPress is a prime target for hackers and spammers worldwide due to its widespread adoption and open-source nature.

As the most popular website platform, WordPress serves millions of users, making it an attractive target for cyberattacks. Its open-source nature allows anyone to create themes, plugins, and updates, increasing the potential for security vulnerabilities.

Malicious code or malware can be injected into plugins or themes during development or updates, compromising website security. This vulnerability makes WordPress particularly susceptible to attacks aimed at stealing links or traffic.

Furthermore, WordPress’s immense popularity results in a staggering number of hacked websites daily. Many blog owners remain unaware of these security breaches, exposing their sites to further exploitation.

2. WordPress is expensive

Unless you are a website designer or have enough time to learn how to make changes to your site correctly – WordPress is going to cost you a lot. If you are on WordPress, you will have to spend money on many things, not just website design.

If you are thinking about the expensive costs of using WordPress, here are some things where you need to invest money

  • Domain name (every year, $10)
  • Web hosting (monthly or annually, typically starts from $100 a year and goes upwards to thousands of dollars if you want faster and better hosting)
  • Website design (getting a unique WordPress design from a developer costs you few thousands of dollars although you can pay for premium themes which are affordable, but still you’re paying anyhow)
  • WordPress tools (such as premium plugins and tools)
  • WordPress security related stuff (such as paying for a backup tool or plugin, getting your hands on premium WordPress security plugins to make your site safe etc)

From your blog’s logo to hosting to maintaining your WordPress site costs you several hundred dollars every single year.

3. Technical skills are required to customize

Right out of the box, the WordPress CMS can be challenging to use. It lacks a drag-and-drop builder, making customizations difficult. To make design changes, you’ll need to delve into CSS and PHP.

Despite WordPress’s impressive discussion forum, where you can seek assistance with customizing your website, themes, plugins, and so on, most of the participants lack the expertise to provide effective guidance. As a result, obtaining assistance from WordPress experts is often a rare occurrence.

Given these three drawbacks, WordPress’s user-friendliness is questionable. This prompted us to compile this post, showcasing some of the best WordPress alternatives, enabling you to choose the one that aligns best with your blogging needs.


What are the top WordPress alternatives for beginners?

  • Blogger: A free and easy-to-use blogging platform from Google.
  • Ghost: A minimal and self-hosted blogging platform focused on writing.
  • Squarespace: A user-friendly website builder with a focus on design and aesthetics.

What is the BEST WordPress alternative that is SEO friendly?

Almost all of the alternatives mentioned here are SEO-friendly, but if you’re looking for a platform with exceptional SEO features, consider either Joomla or Squarespace. Both of these platforms provide powerful SEO tools that allow you to focus on content creation without worrying about technical SEO details.

Which one is best: WordPress vs. Medium?

WordPress is a powerful content management system (CMS) that can be used to build various websites, create engaging content, and attract more traffic. If you’re a small business, agency, or marketer looking to monetize your online presence, WordPress is an excellent choice.

Medium, on the other hand, is a publishing platform specifically designed for writing and sharing content. It’s a great platform for promoting your content and gaining wider visibility, as it features stories from around its network. If you’re a writer or publisher looking to establish your name and reach a broader audience, Medium is a valuable tool.

Final Thoughts

If you’re still considering using WordPress, you’re simply following the crowd. After reviewing the list of WordPress alternatives mentioned here, you’ll discover that most blogging platforms are easier to use, more cost-effective, and far more reliable than WordPress.

Therefore, carefully examine the features and benefits of the WordPress alternatives, and then select the most appropriate platform for creating your blog or website. Please share your thoughts on the WordPress competitor sites mentioned here in the comments section below.

My name is Megha, A computer science student with a passion for digital marketing and SEO, enjoys helping beginners build impressive WordPress websites.

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