How to Get Google News Approval on Blogger [2024]

Google News curates news articles from across the web, offering users a central hub for staying informed. Their goal? High-quality, relevant news on everything from tech to fashion.

For bloggers, Google News approval is a game-changer. It means your content has a shot at appearing on the Google News homepage and in search results. This translates to:

  • More website visitors: Imagine your blog post appearing alongside established news outlets. That’s Google News exposure for you!
  • Boosted brand awareness: Increased traffic means more people discover your blog and your expertise.
  • Potential for higher ad revenue: With more eyes on your content, ad clicks become more likely.

But here’s the catch: Google News has high standards. To get approved, your blog needs to meet their criteria.

This guide will walk you through the process of getting Google News approval for your Blogger blog. We’ll cover everything from understanding Google’s guidelines to the application process and maintaining your approval. We’ll even tackle some troubleshooting tips in case you hit any bumps along the road.

So, if your blog delves into the latest tech trends, for instance, Google News approval can be your key to unlocking a wider audience and significant growth. But first things first: let’s get you familiar with Google’s guidelines and the approval process.

Getting Your Blog Recognized by Google News

This guide will help you optimize your blog for inclusion in Google News. While there’s no formal application process, following these steps increases your chances of being noticed.

Understanding Google News Standards

Google News prioritizes high-quality, trustworthy news sources. Familiarize yourself with their guidelines, which cover areas like:

  • Unique Content: Publish original articles, not copied material.
  • Content Quality: Deliver informative, accurate pieces that add value. Uphold journalistic principles like fairness and transparency.
  • Technical Aspects: Ensure your site functions well. This includes having a sitemap, fixing broken links, and offering clear navigation.
  • Authorship: Clearly display author information with name, bio, and contact details.

Creating High-Quality Content

Compelling content is key to Google News recognition. Here’s how to create valuable articles:

  • Stay Relevant: Cover current events and topics that interest your audience.
  • Focus on Accuracy: Double-check information for factual correctness.
  • Journalistic Tone: Maintain a professional and credible voice in your writing.
  • Enrich with Media: Incorporate images, videos, and infographics to boost engagement.

Optimizing Your Blog’s Metadata

Metadata provides details about your website and content. Proper setup is crucial for Google News. Here are key elements:

  • Title Tag: Accurately describe your blog’s content.
  • Description Tag: Provide a concise summary of your blog’s offerings.
  • Language Tag: Specify the language your content is written in.
  • Author Information: Clearly display author name, bio, and contact details for each article.
  • Publication Date: Include clear publication dates to show the latest information.

Adding an XML Sitemap

An XML sitemap is a file listing all your website’s pages. It helps Google News understand your website’s structure and content. Here’s a general guide on creating and adding an XML sitemap (specific instructions may vary depending on your blogging platform):

  1. Generate a Robots.txt file for your blog using a tool like [Robots.txt Generator].
  2. Enter your website address and obtain the code for your robots.txt file.
  3. Copy and paste this code into your blog’s settings designated for custom robots.txt.
  4. Submit the sitemap to Google Search Console to aid Google in indexing your website’s pages.

By following these steps, you’ll significantly improve your blog’s chances of being recognized by Google News and reaching a wider audience.

Getting Approved and Staying on Google News: A Step-by-Step Guide

This guide will walk you through the process of getting your website approved for Google News and maintaining that status for long-term benefits.

Getting Approved

  1. Create a Google News Publisher Center Account: Sign in with your Google account and set up a new publication with details like name, website URL, and language.
  2. Submit Your Website: In your Publisher Center dashboard, request inclusion and provide details about your content, editorial team, and publication frequency.
  3. Google’s Review: Be patient! Google will evaluate your website based on content, technical aspects, and journalistic standards. The review can take several weeks.
  4. Rejection Help: If rejected, don’t despair! Common reasons include low-quality content, technical issues, or not meeting journalistic standards. Review Google’s guidelines and address any problems before resubmitting.

Maintaining Approval

Once approved, follow these best practices to stay on Google News:

  1. Consistent High-Quality Content: Regularly publish well-researched, informative articles that provide value and follow journalistic principles. Use a professional tone and cover trending topics.
  2. Stay Guideline-Compliant: Ensure your website offers original content, meets technical requirements, and upholds journalistic standards. Regularly review Google’s guidelines for continued compliance.
  3. Technical Performance Matters: Regularly monitor your website’s technical health using tools like Google Search Console. Fix broken links, maintain a clear sitemap, and ensure smooth navigation.
  4. Transparency Builds Trust: Clearly identify authors with bios and contact information. Avoid anonymous sources and strive for factual accuracy in your articles.
  5. Engage Your Audience: Respond to comments and encourage readers to share your work. This increases website visibility and promotes reader engagement.


Getting approved for Google News is an investment that pays off with increased visibility and wider audience reach. Focus on high-quality content, following guidelines, technical performance, transparency, and reader engagement. With dedication, you can achieve Google News approval and enjoy the benefits of a larger audience and website growth.

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