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Beginning as a startup in 2012, Codoid has rapidly established itself as one of the TOP QA COMPANIES in the world. Codoid is proudly led by QA experts that are passionate about software testing, and Quality Assurance. The greater the challenge, the more driven our team becomes. We don’t stop until we’ve achieved our goal of delivering quality softwar.

Our motivation comes from a deep need to learn, explore, and grow as a team. As we delve into the quality assessment of your product, we leave absolutely no stone unturned in ensuring your product meets the needs of the end user. Our team is focused on meeting the highest standards, to help you deploy your incredible work. Software testing Companies

Based in the tech hubs of India and Singapore, our clients are global. We work with organizations from fast-growing startups, to Fortune 500 companies. All of our clients trust Codoid to deliver incredible QA testing, everytime


You can trust Codoid with your automation testing. We’ve got the experience and knowledge to ensure your testing is done right. Codoid does it all: web, mobile, desktop, gaming, car infotainment systems, and mixed reality applications. Our automation testing services will help you to test your applications across multiple platforms, devices, browsers, and wearable devices. Codoid leaves no stone unturned to ensure ultimate testing success.

We don’t stop there. We re-run every test with every new iteration of code. This allows us to ensure the application is free from any potential errors. When we identify errors, we isolate the how and why.

Reap the benefits of automated testing: short execution times that maximize productivity. Our software test automation approach has saved many projects from failure by addressing false positives and negatives. If you’re looking for more from your automated test suites, contact us. Our team of experts has the knowledge and customer service to ensure an incredible experience.

Mobile Application Testing Services

Mobile apps can be complex creatures. They often need continuous testing to ensure functionality, performance, and user engagement. From the starting line to the finish line, Codoid’s mobile app testing services are with you, every step of the way. End-to-end testing, elimination of QA backlog we’re here to help you roll out your products as fast, and as efficiently as possible.

At Codoid, we’ve built an impressive app automation framework. This is the foundation upon which we can run your tests, schedule remote testing across multiple devices simultaneously, and help deploy new functionality. With Codoid’s services, we can drastically reduce regression testing time by up to 90%.

We’ll test your mobile applications of various platform-and-device combinations to ensure your app offers an incredible user experience, with rich functionality. We designate devices and operating systems to run your tests, and automate your regression testing. This allows us to spend the necessary time doing exploratory testing, so we can unearth new bugs, and new features.

Performance Testing Services

Performance testing of your applications is of the utmost importance to ensure a successful product. Oftentimes, performance-related bugs aren’t discovered until the application goes live. This can be horribly damaging to your business’ reputation. Proper performancing testing is absolutely vital to avoid this kind of catastrophic and embarrassing scenario. CODOID makes sure your application is functioning at peak performance.

At CODOID, we’ve built our reputation on our superior performance testing services. We guarantee a smooth landing for your product. We test and predict application performance in real-life, and simulated scenarios. This is the KEY to our success. Without using real-life scenarios, you can’t properly ascertain where bugs and faults may lie. With CODOID’s performance testing, we ensure you application is responsible and reliable enough to respond at peak times whether a summer sale, or a Black Friday special.

Our goal is to deliver exceptional performance testing using our expertise and finely tuned technical skills. We strive to have your business applications running as smoothly as they can. Your customer’s seamless experience matters that’s why we make it our top priority. CODOID is the best in the business at what we do delivering stellar performance testing.

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