How to Choose the Perfect WordPress Hosting Plan for Your Website

Welcome to my aide on WordPress facilitating for 2024. As an accomplished client who has widely tried different WordPress facilitating bundles, I’m positive about my suggestions. Along these lines, right away, how about we make a plunge! cheery piano music Hi, I’m Alex from WP Bird, and thank you for going along with me.

On the off chance that you’re new here, I invite you to the WP Bird family and urge you to buy in by tapping the button underneath. Remember to stir things up around town symbol to get notices of new articles, which are transferred week by week. Presently, we should discuss WordPress facilitating. In the wake of leading facilitating tests with various organizations and arrangements for as long as month, I have accumulated a plenty of information and made correlation tables to assist you with pursuing informed choices. In this way, whether you’re searching for reasonable facilitating for your site or looking for very good quality choices, I take care of you.

How to Choose the Perfect WordPress Hosting Plan for Your Website

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Make a beeline for for more data, where you’ll track down a connection in the portrayal to our article with every one of the outcomes, including connections to test destinations for your own assessment. Our article chiefly centers around shared WordPress facilitating, the average and most normal kind of facilitating.

Nonetheless, we additionally contrasted it and different administrations, for example, oversaw WordPress facilitating from WP Motor and VPS arrangements. While VPS offers better execution looked at than shared facilitating, it’s not a great fit for everybody, so we gave every one of the important subtleties to assist you with pursuing an educated choice. Moreover, you’ll find partner connects to all facilitating suppliers highlighted in our article, where we procure a commission in the event that you use them. Much thanks to you for thinking about us!

How to Choose the Perfect WordPress Hosting Plan for Your Website

I’ve secured a few discounts and promo codes from some of the hosting companies mentioned in this article, which you can find below. By using these links, you’ll receive a discount, and in some cases, even more savings with the promo codes. As I’ve invested a considerable amount of money to set up all the hosting, your support would be greatly appreciated. Using these links won’t cost you anything extra, and it’ll help fund the hosting fees for the next 12 months as I’ve signed up with multiple companies. Thank you in advance for your support. Let’s dive into the details now.

How I tested the WordPress hosting

To begin with, I will explain the testing process I used to evaluate the different hosting companies before moving on to the winners and losers. So, I created an account with each of the companies, choosing their entry-level standard hosting option, without opting for any WordPress-specific hosting. Then, I copied a site from one of my articles,, which is one of my Amazon affiliate websites, as it is quite resource-intensive and uses WooCommerce and the WooZone plugin, just like many of your websites.

Rather than testing a vanilla WordPress installation, I chose a real-world site to give us a better idea of which hosting provider is the best. During my evaluation of each company, I examined four critical areas. Firstly, performance, which is the speed at which your site loads. Secondly, I assessed their technical support or customer service to determine how helpful they are when things go wrong.

How to Choose the Perfect WordPress Hosting Plan for Your Website

Next, I’ll discuss how I evaluated the companies and determined the winners and losers. I began by setting up an account with each of the companies and choosing the entry-level standard hosting plan, without any WordPress-specific features. To test the hosting, I used my Amazon affiliate website,, which is quite resource-intensive and uses WooCommerce and the WooZone plugin. This site simulates the kind of site many of you may be running.

I evaluated each company based on four key areas: performance, technical support, features, and value for money. For performance, I installed a plugin that measures how fast the site loads, the server response time, and the server’s level of technology. I also used the Google PageSpeed Insights tool and ran each site through it. In addition, I opened each site in a browser tab within Google Chrome, refreshed them all at the same time, recorded my screen, and played it back to see which one loaded the fastest.

To evaluate technical support, I contacted each company with a technical question via their live chat or ticketing system, depending on what they offered. I measured how quickly they responded, whether the response was helpful, and how good they were at providing support.

For features, I looked at the amount of bandwidth, storage, and SSL certificates provided. And for value for money, I considered all of the previous factors and compared them to the cost of the service. Overall, I evaluated each company in these four areas to determine which one was the best.

Best Overall WordPress Hosting Company

I conducted tests on different hosting companies to evaluate their performance, support, features, and value for money. You can find a detailed comparison table of the features offered by each company in the article on, linked in the description. Now let’s move on to the results of the awards. The first award is for the best overall hosting company, considering all the factors. My top choice for this award is SiteGround. They provided excellent performance, great value for money, and prompt and helpful technical support. For those reasons, SiteGround is my number one recommendation for WordPress hosting. The runner-up for this award is A2 Hosting.

Best Performance WordPress Hosting Company

A2 Hosting demonstrated impressive performance results with excellent customer support. However, they fell short of SiteGround due to their higher pricing and slightly slower performance in some tests. Nevertheless, A2 Hosting remains an outstanding hosting company, and choosing them would be a viable option. Moving on to the next award, it is for the best WordPress hosting in terms of performance. In this category, I solely focused on speed results to choose a company.

The winner of the best performance WordPress hosting award is once again SiteGround, as they outperformed all other shared hosting companies. You can check out the detailed load times and PageSpeed scores on SiteGround delivered fantastic load speeds and PageSpeed scores, and their site was noticeably quick, making it an excellent choice for those who prioritize speed. A2 Hosting takes the runner-up position, as they were only slightly behind SiteGround in terms of performance. In fact, A2 Hosting sometimes loaded pages faster than SiteGround during browser reload tests.

While there are still other companies to discuss, it’s worth mentioning now that SiteGround and A2 Hosting’s performance was comparable to a virtual private server (VPS) and significantly faster than WP Engine. This was surprising as WP Engine advertises themselves as a super-fast, optimized WordPress setup. Nonetheless, SiteGround and A2 Hosting were significantly faster.

Best Value WordPress Hosting Company

The end of this article will have more information about WP engine and VPS servers. In this category, we’re looking for the best value for money, as the prices between companies can vary significantly. The winner of this award is FastComet, who offers a low price point without compromising on performance or features. While not as fast as SiteGround or A2 Hosting, their performance is still perfectly acceptable and better than many more expensive companies. What really sets FastComet apart is that they provide a free domain name with every hosting package, which can save you money. Additionally, they don’t compromise on features either, so if you’re on a budget, FastComet is highly recommended.

The runner-up in this category is SiteGround, which is still a great value option. They’re not the most expensive or the cheapest company out there, but they offer fantastic performance, great support, and a lot of good features for the price. If you can afford to spend a bit more and want a little extra, SiteGround would be a great choice.

WordPress Hosting Company with the Best Support

The final award goes to the WordPress hosting company with the best support. To test this, I sent messages to various companies and evaluated their response time and helpfulness. The winner of this category is WP Engine, even though it’s not a shared hosting company. I wanted to mention them for their exceptional support. They offer a live chat system with almost no waiting time, and their support covers everything from hosting to WordPress questions, plugins, or themes.

However, WP Engine is significantly more expensive than shared hosting companies. You must have a genuine need for support to justify the extra cost since WP Engine’s speed wasn’t the fastest in my tests. So, if you require a WordPress expert on standby 24/7 to guide you through any issue, WP Engine may be a good choice, but it is costly.

The runner-up for best support is SiteGround. Their support was excellent, and when combined with their performance and features, they’re a great value for money. In conclusion, SiteGround is the winner, offering fantastic speed, a wealth of features, excellent support, and exceptional value for money. If you require extensive support, WP Engine might be worth considering, but keep in mind that they are much more expensive than other hosting providers.

WordPress Hosting Companies to Avoid

Before we delve into VPS and more about WP Engine, let’s briefly discuss a couple of hosting companies that I recommend avoiding based on my past experiences. The first one is GoDaddy. While I find GoDaddy to be reliable for domain names and have registered numerous domains with them, their hosting service is subpar. I speak from personal experience with their hosting.

I have prior experience with GoDaddy hosting and it was a nightmare – slow, unhelpful support, and functionality issues. Therefore, I strongly advise against GoDaddy hosting. However, I do recommend GoDaddy for domain registration as they offer competitive prices and an easy-to-use domain control panel. Another hosting company to steer clear of is iPage due to their subpar performance and sluggish speeds, despite their decent technical support.

The other Company shared Hosting I tested (the losers)

Let’s briefly touch upon the other hosting companies that were tested. While full details can be found in the blog post, it’s worth noting that they were not as fast or as impressive as the companies that received awards. HostGator, Bluehost, DreamHost, and MDDHOSTING were all tested, and while their support was decent, they didn’t perform as well in speed tests. The features and pricing were all similar, with only a few dollars of difference here and there.

It’s worth mentioning that HostGator was previously recommended on this channel, but the results of this test have changed that. Going forward, SiteGround will be the recommended host in tutorials.

Other types of WordPress hosting (WP Engine & VPS)

Let me discuss WP Engine, which provides managed WordPress hosting services. Although I’ve been using their services for a while and thought they were excellent, I discovered that SiteGround and A2 Hosting outperformed WP Engine by a significant margin when I conducted some tests. Their prices are also high, starting at $25 a month for one site, which is considerably more expensive than other companies. Therefore, unless you require their support, there is no reason to choose WP Engine.

Moving on, I would like to talk about VPS, which stands for Virtual Private Server. It’s like having your own server instead of sharing it with other customers, which is what happens with shared hosting. While VPS has several drawbacks, such as the need to understand server maintenance, support, and backups, its benefits mainly lie in performance. VPS is usually much faster than shared hosting because you have the server all to yourself.

I was fortunate enough to be given a couple of VPS setups to test by SpiderWeb, a company that offers a hybrid VPS solution. They provide a managed service, taking care of running the VPS for you, and then sell sections of it to individual customers. Unlike shared hosting, where thousands of websites are hosted on a server, SpiderWeb limits the number of customers on a server to about 30. This way, you don’t have to compromise on performance. They also help with setup and provide support. Although it’s more expensive than shared hosting, it provides super-fast performance.

In my tests, the Amazon-powered server was the fastest on the block, and it hadn’t even been optimized. Therefore, if you want the fastest service possible, a VPS might be suitable for you. Check out my blog post on for more information about my testing and the results. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or if you want to share your experiences with WordPress hosting companies.

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