Top Web Hosting Services for Small Business Websites in 2024

When it comes to selecting a web hosting provider for your small business, the most recommended and widely known companies may not necessarily be your best option. In my opinion, Cloudways and Hostinger are two of the top choices available. While each provider is better suited for specific types of businesses, both offer distinct advantages over other solutions. If you’re interested in purchasing a new hosting plan, click here. In the following paragraphs, I’ll discuss what you can expect from these web hosting providers and how your business will benefit from using them.

#1. Cloudways Cloudways

You may be unfamiliar with them, but their unique business model offers excellent value for the money you spend on hosting. Although they promote monthly or yearly prices, they operate on a pay-as-you-go system. In other words, you purchase a server and pay according to the amount of space you use on that server and the number of users you have.

This means that you’ll never have to pay for resources that you’re not using, making it an extremely cost-effective option. The monthly prices they offer on their plans are simply an estimate of the maximum cost to run that server efficiently, so you won’t have to pay more than that.

Furthermore, if you’re not using your hosting at maximum efficiency all the time, you’ll pay less than what’s shown each month. By clicking the links in the description, you can get a free three-day trial for any Cloudways plan, with no hidden catches or need to attach your credit card or other shady practices.

However, to be fully transparent, I should mention that if you purchase the trial, I might receive a commission. This allows me to buy and test more web hosting plans, improve the quality and accuracy of my content, and continue doing what I’m doing. Since I aim to provide honest reviews, I don’t take sponsorships, and affiliate commissions are the best way to monetize my content.

Getting started with Cloudways is also user-friendly. All you have to do is select the content management system you want (such as WordPress), name your project and server to keep track of multiple ones and choose which company you want your virtual private server to come from.

In my experience, Vulture is a great web hosting choice for balancing performance and affordability. With Cloudways, you can easily select your server size and physical location to best suit your needs. You can always scale up if necessary, making it an excellent option for growing businesses. Selecting the server location closest to your users is key to optimizing website speed for them. Once you launch your server, Cloudways provides a user-friendly dashboard for managing your website and controlling resource usage.

Compared to other virtual private servers, Cloudways offers a much more approachable user interface that even beginners can navigate. It also offers customizable permissions for team members, making it easier to manage who has access to different aspects of your website. Additionally, Cloudways allows you to create professional email addresses for your business. While you do have to pay around $1 per month for each email address, you can easily link it to your Gmail account to consolidate your inboxes.

If you click the links in the description, you can receive a free 3-day trial for any of the Cloudways plans. Please note that I may earn a commission if you purchase through my affiliate link. This helps me continue to test and review web hosting plans honestly and improve the quality of my content.

SSL Certificate?

While other web hosting companies offer this as well, it’s worth noting that Cloudways provides a free SSL certificate for every website hosted on your server. To activate the SSL certificate, all you need to do is enter your website name and Cloudways will take care of everything automatically.

Best Web Hosting For Small Business Website [2020]
Top Web Hosting Services for Small Business Websites in 2024

Cloudways offers a free SSL certificate for each website hosted on your server, which encrypts the connection between your server and your users and displays a lock next to your domain name. Unlike other web hosting companies, there are no renewal fees or hidden costs with Cloudways, and you can easily monitor your billing in real-time.

Cloudways also delivers exceptional performance, outpacing even expensive shared web hosting solutions like SiteGround and A2 Hosting, with my website loading in just 1.6 seconds. However, there are some downsides to using Cloudways. For instance, you need to purchase your domain name separately and link it to your Cloudways server by updating your domain settings. Additionally, to ensure your email service works, you need to adjust your domain settings. While Cloudways provides a tutorial, it’s still a minor inconvenience.

Overall, Cloudways is an affordable and feature-rich web hosting provider that enables you to manage your resource usage and team members. In the future, I plan to upload a complete review of Cloudways, which you can find around here.

#2. Hostinger

If you find Cloudways too technical or expensive or simply don’t need its advanced features, I recommend considering another company: Hostinger. I have previously discussed Hostinger extensively on this channel, so if you want a detailed review from 2020, you can find it here. In this video, however, I will still highlight the top reasons why I believe Hostinger is an excellent option for small business owners.

Top Web Hosting Services for Small Business Websites in 2023

To begin with, Hostinger stands out for its affordability. They offer plans that are both powerful and cheap, with starter plans starting at around $1 a month, which can be further reduced to 89 cents a month if you use the links in the description and the code EMITREVIEWS. However, as a small business, I wouldn’t recommend choosing the shared web hosting plans. Instead, I would suggest going for the cloud hosting plan, which costs $7.45 or the business shared plan, which costs $3.99, if you’re on a tight budget.

It’s important to note that these prices are only for your first purchase, and when it’s time to renew your plans, the cloud hosting plan goes up to around $16 a month, while the business plan goes up to around eight dollars a month. It’s best to purchase for a longer period to get a cheaper price, and it’s worth it if you have the funds and know you’ll need the website for a long time. Setting up your plan is extremely simple, and as a bonus, you get a free domain name registration.

Best Web Hosting For Small Business Website [2020]
Top Web Hosting Services for Small Business Websites in 2024

Hostinger is an all-in-one solution that offers cheap and powerful plans for small business owners. Their starter plans are priced at around $1 a month, but by using the links in the description and the code EMITREVIEWS, you can get the price down to 89 cents a month. However, for small businesses, it is recommended to go with their cloud hosting plan for $7.45 or the business share plan for $3.99 if you’re on a tight budget.

Hostinger provides easy website setup with a range of tools to help manage your website and business. They have an access manager that allows you to give different permissions to different team members, and you can create professional-looking email accounts for free. However, these are more prone to getting blocked by spam filters than the paid ones, which cost around $1 per email per month.

In terms of performance, Hostinger’s cloud hosting plan is slower than the Cloudway hosting plan by around a full second, but 2.2 seconds is still considered fast. While Cloudways has better-suited tools for managing your business, it requires some technical knowledge to use, and additional functionalities come at a price.

Compared to other web hosting providers like SiteGround, Bluehost, or HostGator, Hostinger offers everything you need to manage a successful website on a budget. Therefore, if you are ready to create a website for your small business, Hostinger is an excellent alternative to Cloudways, and you can get started by taking advantage of their free domain registration offer.

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